Are you a Preschool Director, Teacher, Room Mom, or PTO looking for an inexpensive, creative, and unique fundraising idea? ClayEscape is here for you! Let your imagination go crazy! Think big and we’ll think big with you!

Handprint Tiles (unlimited potential)
Sell tiles to the parents for a set amount and we will come to the school and get the handprints, finish them with their names, fire them, and return them to the school. These can be attached to the walls for people to see for years!*

Dinnerware Auction (fundraising potential)
Get the kids to paint a complete set of dinnerware. Auction the entire set or even auction it off by the piece!

Fingerprint Plates, Flowerpots, etc... (unlimited potential)
We come to the school and get the fingerprints of the students and then design the fingerprints into animals or any other cute ideas you have. You can do it by class and have all the children's names, the teacher's name and year.

Celebrity or Sports star Auction
(unlimited potential)

Persuade some well-known celebrities or sports stars to paint a piece of pottery for auction. Better yet, get the entire Panthers team to sign a piece for auction. This idea is GREAT for PR and media coverage AND has unlimited fundraising potential.

Church Fundraiser, Empty Bowls $15.00 per child (Sell or have a silent auction to raise money)

1 small bowl per child. All paints, brushes and supplies needed.
A ClayEscape instructor will run the workshop (and we clean up!)
Glazing and firing of all bowls in our kiln at the studio (we do the hard part!)
After the bowls are glazed and fired they can be eaten out of and put in dishwasher.
Bowls are ready for pickup in one week.*

ClayEscape looks forward to working with all surrounding schools, their teachers and parents, and is committed to helping the children of our community learn and grow! These options could be tweaked to fit the needs of your center.